Advantages of Installing the Security Alarm in Homes

Little child boy pushes a button on the intercom mounted on the gate

A security alarm system is being utilized for detecting any unlawful entry to your building or to your home. The two major types of the alarm systems that is common in homes are the bell only alarms and the monitored alarm system and adt battery replacement. The bell alarm can give the high pitch siren whenever the house is being breached. The first purpose of this kind of alarm is actually two folds. The first one which is the loud siren will act as deterrent to the activity of the criminals that will inform that there is an intruder that had reached or has been detected by the home security. The alarm that the bell produces is too high that it will make the person or the intruder to be uneasy with the sound that it will leave you premises.

Secondly, the purpose of having a bell alarm system is to be able to inform the people around the vicinity of the residence that the home security has been breached by the intruder and that the occupants or the neighbors will be informed about the happening and they can help to catch he intruder. While this is an excellent kind of feature if you will be at home or if ever that you will have someone who can help to respond to the security alarm, this is not useful if ever that you will be away from home and an attack in your premises happen.

Meanwhile, the monitored alarms are actually being managed by the certain alarm monitoring company. The monitored alarm system has two types namely the bell alarm which can produce high pitch tones and the second one is the silent alarm that is not being heard by that of the burglar or the intruders.

We know already the advantages of the audible bell alarm as being outlined above. The main reason why the silent alarm is used is to lure those perpetrators of that of the home security breach and believing as if they have been caught on camera. This will allow the security company to be able to attend directly to the scene and catch those criminals red handed.

The audible and the silent alarm system do actually functions in the same manner. With that of the monitored alarm systems, when the house will be breached, then an instant alarm activation will be passed to that of the central monitoring station right to that of your phone line that will alert the security company about the problem or intrusion. With the security monitoring company that will oversee the problem, they are going to dispatch the security guard who is going to attend to your home that is going to solve and investigate the real cause of the alarm in your place. Head over to for more.

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